Holística Zinc Oligophytum (Hygiene and health , Sexual health , Suplements) A2kPGtl0

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Holística Zinc Oligophytum (Hygiene and health , Sexual health , Suplements) A2kPGtl0

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Product description REBALANCING LAND FOR BIOLOGICAL CATALYSIS PRACTICAL DIRECT METHOD FOR ADOPTION OF PLANT AND TRACE ELEMENTS TAKEN energized OLIGOPHYTUM is the first range of natural trace elements presented to facilitate their assimilation in the form of micro-tablets to let dissolve under the tongue. This original and practical way ensures the direct passage of blood trace elements to avoid digestive barriers. The underside of the tongue is very rich in capillaries and thin is an ideal way of entry into the body. Doses have been overhauled for qualitative and nutritious catalytic action as necessary. The OLIGOPHYTUM allow selective contribution of trace elements derived from natural ecological dynamics. These trace elements have been determined by the roots of plants in untreated soil with synthetic fertilizers. Following are energized by a natural technical procedure. The OLIGOPHYTUM have nothing in common with the numerous products that are marketed on the basis of artificially nourished or enriched yeast synthetic trace, often futilely overdosed. The trace elements are used in small doses (oligo by definition means small in Greek). Brands, models and procedures are unique OLIGOPHYTUM HOLISTICA Laboratory. Use only as a supplement to a varied diet necessary for good nutritional balance. Keep out of reach of children. - Sexual fatigue, decreased defense PRESENTATION: 1 tube with 100 micro-distributed tablets.

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